Seminars and trainings since 2017

February - May 2018:
Together with Erika Mondrian (formally Jungreithmayr): Archaeology of needs. A seminar in the context of nonviolent communication. A Seminar offered by the Peace Initiative of the City of Linz)

9. November 2017:
A three hour introduction to „Nonviolent Communication“, organized by “Burgtheater” Lingen at the Hochschule Osnabrück

10.-12. November 2017:
A method to train for the practice of “Nonviolent Communication”, organized by the “Burgtheater” in the Institute for Theater Pedagogy, Lingen (Ems)

10. October 2017:
A method for the practice of “Nonviolent Communication“, a day long seminar at the federal Pädagogische Hochschule, Linz

9. October 2017:
How to deal with anger, rage and wrath, a day long seminar based on Nonviolent Communication developed by Marshall Rosenberg. For full text click here.

29. September - 1. Oktober 2017, Linz/Donau, Austria,
Seminar in cooperation with “Linz City of Peace” on active political Nonviolence : Interpretation of short texts by Gandhi on some of his guidelines and role playing these for training purposes)

4.-8. September 2017, Berlin:
A learningplay-Seminar with scene 5 from Brecht’s „The Exception and the Rule“, combined with “rainbow”-exercises developed by Augusto Boal (together with Stephan Antczak).

3.-5. März 2017:
Learningplay Seminar with the scene “At the torrential river” from “The Exception and the Rule” by Bertolt Brecht (critical edition by Reiner Steinweg), IFANT, Vienna (has been documented by a filmteam led by Gernot Steinweg, for a trailer of the film which will come out in autumn 2018 see:

6.-8. Februar 2017:
Learningplay Seminar with the scene „The Bad Baal the Unsocial and the two Coats” by Bertolt Brecht, Hildesheim University.

January - March 2017:
together with Erika Jungreithmayr: Introduction to “Nonviolent Communication” and how I could help others to overcome their conflicts without hurting one another, Peace Initiative of the City of Linz.