About me

I am a peace activist since 1961 (when I participated in the San Francisco to Moscow Walk for Peace), an expert for the “Learningplays” by Bertolt Brecht in theory and praxis since 1965, a peace researcher since 1972 and a peace educationist by means of role playing and storytelling since 1979. I concentrate on reflection of violence and prevention of war.

I was a member of the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt/Main (PRIF) 1974-1988. Since 1986 I live in Austria. Here I founded in 1987 “Peace Research Linz” (Friedensforschung Linz) in cooperation with the “City of Peace” Linz and the Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR). I performed several large research projects (among others “Violence in the City”/Graz, and “Working Atmosphere and Potential for Conflict” / Arbeiterkammer Oberösterreich).

Together with Eva Maringer and Andreas Lehner I designed the Department “Way out of everyday violence” as part of the European Peace Museum in Stadtschlaining/Burgenland (ASPR).

In 2001/2002 I was appointed to be the Acting Director of the research institute for conflict transformation of the Berghof Foundation in Berlin, because Norbert Ropers, the founder of this important institution, decided to work in Sri Lanka for a while.

I was a founding member of  “Kurve Wustrow”, a training centre for nonviolent action (https://www.kurvewustrow.org/), of the “Peace Initiative of the city of Linz” (Friedensinitiative der Stadt Linz); of the “Forum Crisis Prevention e.V.”; and of “Nai”, an initiative to support Syrian refugee children by means of music.

My seminars and trainings deal with the problem of how to react nonviolently at threats of violence, using scenes from Brechts “Learningplays” and insights of Marshall Rosenberg (Nonviolent Communication).

I published about 15 monographs, edited another 50 books – amongst others 24 volumes PRIF-“Friedensanalysen” (edition suhrkamp) and the first 10 annual ASPR-“Peace reports”, and I wrote about 170 articles, essays and papers on the above mentioned subjects.

Bio / Curriculum vitae
Ulrike Breitwieser about our Climbing in Croatia Whitsun 2018 

Medal for Humanity (Humanitätsmedaille) of the City of Linz 2006
Honorary Member of “Peace Academy Linz” (Friedensakademie Linz) 2018

Jubilee publication on occasion of the 70th anniversary:
Marcel M. Baumann, Hanne-Margret Birckenbach, Volkhard Brandes, Sandra Dieterich, Ulrich Gundermann und Ulrike Suhr (ed.): Friedensforschung und Friedenspraxis. Ermutigung zur Arbeit an der Utopie. Festschrift zum 70. Geburtstag von Reiner Steinweg, Frankfurt/M.: Brandes & Apsel 2009

Wikipedia: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reiner_Steinweg