Documentaries & CDs

Documentaries and CDs

  • Wege aus der Alltagsgewalt, Interactive CD Rom, prdouced by Reiner Steinweg, Eva Maringer and Andreas Lehner, published by Lex Liszt & Verein für Friedenspädagogik Tübingen 2002 (A Documentation of the Department "Ways out of Violence in Dayly Life" (Wege aus der Alltagsgewalt) of the "European Museum for Peace" in Stadschlaining/Burgenland, Austria, which has been designed by the three authors of the CD.
  • Ein Leben gegen Gewalt. Reiner Steinweg über seinen Weg zur Friedensforschung (DVD published by Institut für Friedenspädagogik / Tübingen e. V. in 2008)
  • 45 minutes on the life of Reiner Steinweg, broadcast in the series “Menschenbilder” by the ORF (Austrian State broadcasting) 14.8.2011
  • Documentary “Haus der Kindheit” (House of the Childhood) by Gernot Steinweg on the life of the Steinweg family 1942-1945 in Schweidnitz near Wroclav/ Breslau, broadcasted several times by the German WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk / Television)
  • Several CDs with music by Klaus and Till Harlan, most of them to German fairy tales, have been produced by the Ensemble KlaHaMa, of which Reiner Steinweg is a member.
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