Current Activities

1. Organization of a large Symposium „Active Nonviolence” on occasion of the 150th birthday of Gandhi 1919, see the website: Gandhi-Symposium 1919 (in the making)

2. Organization of the translation from Norwegian of central chapters from the important, but unknown book by Johan Galtung and Arne Naess: “The political ethics of Gandhi” (1955). Will be presented at the Gandhi-Symposium.

3. Getting ready a critical edition of the three main versions of Bertolt Brechts “The Exception and the Rule” (a short version of which will be printed in the Brecht Yearbook No 43 of the International Brecht Society). The book will be published in the Leipziger Universitätsverlag if sponsoring of the printing costs can be found.

4. Finalization of the Documentary “At the torrential River”, presenting my method of using Brechts Learning plays for the purpose of collective reflection of violence (a film by Gernot Steinweg and Re Karen)

5. Organization of an enlarged third edition of the book “Prevention of war and Civil War” to be published in the Dialogue series of ASPR.

6. Finalizing a book on my practical methods on how to reflect violence in groups.

At the same time, I continue to offer supervision for individuals and groups (having been trained for this by Dr. habil. Thea Bauriedl, Munic, for more than five years) as well as seminars and trainings on:
  • Active nonviolence
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Gandhi
  • The praxis of the Learning play with scenes by Bertolt Brechtas means of peace education
  • Spontaneous story telling as a method of reflecting how to deal with power structures and violence, or simply to amuse kids
  • Storytelling in two languages  in order to create respect for other cultures